Bioinformatic Data Analysis

We are bioinformatic scientists helping the individual researcher get tangible results from their private and the vast public datasets.  

It doesn't matter the type of data.  The more heterogenous and diverse, the more excited we get.  Be it standard analysis pipelines, or something novel you want to try.  We work with each individual customer to locate public data, securely transfer the data, define research aims and ensure the quality of our analyses exceeds expectations.  

We use a battery of tools to complete custom analyses in-house.  No need to install anything additional on your machine.  And when new tools become available, we test, validate and incorporate the new tool into our toolshed, if earned.

Lastly, but most importantly, we want to educate clients in the ways of our analyses to their level of interest.  We will ALWAYS provide code, parameters, database versions and literature that aided us in our analyses.  Transparent, open and reproducible results so that anyone can reuse our methods.   

Let us ANALYZE the data so that you can ACCELERATE your research.