We offer discounted academic and government rates. 



Literature And Data Mining

Variable hourly or flexible per project rates — There's simply SO.MUCH.DATA. and INFORMATION out there.  

Let us understand what you're looking for and ease your search time with our information mining and curation services. We know the public literature, the large public databases and data sets.  Let us find it more comprehensively and faster. 

High throughput data analysis

Variable hourly rate — Whether you're looking to; annotate a novel species' genome, detect SNP or CNVs, de novo assemble RNA-seq data, profile genes, protein, metabolite or lipid expression, looking for fusions or alternative splice sites, we will work with you one-on-one to define your goals, and then use the best open-sourced, peer-reviewed, published software tools that will help you find the features most interesting to your research. 

Systems biology

Per Project Rate —  Whether you want to analyze only one compartment, or integrate all compartments with diverse datatypes, we are experts in analyzing each data type with the highest standards and will use dataset specific integration statistics so that using more data, leads to more conclusions and a more focused picture.   

We'll organize and prioritize your listing with informed curation for gene set enrichment analysis (GSEA), Gene Ontology (GO) enrichment, protein-protein interactions (PPI) and signaling pathway involvement all from a systems biology perspective. 


Custom pipeline design and Development

Per Project or Hourly Rate — You're a start up and haven't hired your bioinformatics department yet, but need to get data analyzed and a pipeline set up.  We'll get you hardware or set you up on the cloud, install needed packages and dependencies and set up a user interface.  Then, when your staff is hired; we'll work directly with them to ease their on-boarding.  



Variable hourly rate — A picture is truly worth a thousand words. This statement has never been so fitting than when a researcher is buried in high-throughput biological data.  Telling the story of your key features through commonly accepted graphs and plots can be why you succeed in selling your conclusion or finding.  

CUSTOM scripting

Variable hourly or flexible per project rates

On-going retainer

Variable hourly rate - We're  here when you need a little help; say getting your data submitted to NCBI, or integrating a new pipeline into your legacy system, but not incurring major infrastructure costs by hiring.   We can dedicate hours monthly and roll them over if not used.