Data Science Resources

If I had to guess; most of do at least 20 internet searches a day.  This is after we read our news feeds, scroll through social media, etc.  It’s quick to answer a posed question with, “Let’s ask Google.”  Before that however, we all have our goto resources, those compilation pages that bring into one source several pieces of educational materials, company listings, and news resources.  KDNuggets is one of those resources.  While not particularly bioinformatics in focus, it brings together resources from the Data Analytics and Sciences fields.  Really, bioinformatics is a sub-niche of data analytics, having pulled much from the broader field, especially in machine learning, neural networks and visualizations.  So, if you’re ever in need of some broad data science resources, check out KDNuggets.  The calendar of events / courses and webinars are updated regularly, the job postings come from a variety of companies, and we LOVE the links to data repositories.  Not a compilation of biological high throughput data repositories, but great data sources just the same if you’re testing out novel algorithm during development.  Thanks KDNuggets!


Database Upgrades