Bioinformatics Consultants

Bioinformatics Data Analysis has become "routinely unique."  This is why we continually collaborate with our clients to ensure their analysis goals are being met.  Whether it's standard analysis pipelines, or custom data mining or visualizations, we have the expertise to deliver reproducible results, timely.  

We're not spending time with large infrastructure projects, nor novel algorithm development.  We strive to solve simple questions that often require unique analyses.  

We also pride ourselves in educating our clients to not only understand, but have all the information so that if they choose to, they can reproduce the analysis.  With each analysis report, we provide all scripts/code, parameter settings and software/database version information.  

Please, RE-USE our analysis and REPRODUCE the results.



Genomics/ Transcriptomics/ Proteomics

Whether you're looking to annotate a novel species' genome, detect SNP or CNVs, de novo assemble RNA-seq data, looking for fusions or alternative splice sites, we will work with you one-on-one to define your goals, use the best open-sourced, peer-reviewed, published software tools that will help you find the features most interesting to your research. 

Credit:   Paul Fleet   |   Shutterstock

Literature and Data Mining 

There's simply SO.MUCH.DATA. and INFORMATION out there.  Let us understand what you're looking for and ease your search time with our information mining and curation services. We know the public literature, the large public databases and data sets.  Let us find it more comprehensively and faster.   





A picture is truly worth a thousand words. This statement has never been so fitting than when a researcher is buried in high-throughput biological data.  Telling the story of your key features through commonly accepted graphs and plots can be why you succeed in selling your conclusion or finding.