Bioinformatic Consultants

We’re a diverse group of bioinformatic researchers.  There is no hierarchy to our company.  We all do our individual part to ensure our customers gain the insights they need in their data.   Our Principal Investigators and co-founders all have Ph.D.’s in the following fields:  Cancer Pharmacology, Genetics, Bioinformatics, Computational Physics, and Computer Science.  It's our diverse educational foundation that allows our team to offer a truly unique perspective.  

Prior to bioinformatic consulting, we all have been in the lab generating high-throughput data.  These experiences allow us to bring even more expertise to the bioinformatic tools we use and build. 

But even more important is our motivation. We want to help biomedical researchers obtain, analyze, and summarize big ‘omics’ data.  We strive to help researchers visualize, discover and develop the next generation of therapeutics.  

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We are customer-focused bioinformatic consultants, and can quickly run specific 'omic analysis pipelines, integrate diverse datasets, construct networks and signaling pathways, and provide journal quality data visualizations.  We will do all of this from a biological and pharmacological perspective and then further tailor the results to your specific research aims.  

Give us a call, we'll help you identify the key features in your or public bioinformatic data.   

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